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In 1920, writer Karel Capek was engaged in a play named ‘’R.U.R.’’(Rossum’s Universal Robots) in which he used the word robotics for the first time that was derived from the word robot. This word robot has its origin from the Slavic word robot that means servent or performs duties as a personal attendant.

Robotics science is a field where two or more academic disciplines into the research area of computer science and engineering.

Robotics engineering is a complete field that involves design, construction, operation, and most importantly use of robots. Efforts made each day from information engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and many others, are the reason to bring success to this field.

The ultimate goal of the science of robots is to develop an advanced, next-level machine that uses can use artificial intelligence to help humans in their day-to-day requirements, or dangerous environments including inspection of radioactive materials, bomb detection, etc.

Basic Construction Elements- Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering
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Robotics Engineering plays a major role in the construction of robots. It is all about making a robot is a multifunctional manipulator. This reprogrammable device functions to move its tools, parts, or materials. The study of robots into a complete that deal with the construction, design, application, and operation of robots is called Robotics Engineering.

There are different types of robots, their size, composition, way to perform a task is different. The purpose for which these robots are made will define their composition. And robotics research engineers work to design robots cost-effectively. Every robot is different from each other but yet share some of the basic similarities, which include:

  1. Mechanical construction – basic construction includes frame, screws, shape to perform particular work.
  2. Electronic components –like every robot need some power to move, and that power is supplied through the wires, and that basic electrical circuit is common for all kind of robots. Because of this, the electric aspect can move, sense, and operates.
  3. Computer coding –remote control, artificial intelligence, and hybrid are common types of robots. Almost every kind of robot has some type of computer programming.

Robot Designing and Manufacturing- Robotics Technology

Robotics Technology
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Professionals in the field of technologies create a blend of mechanical and electrical into an automated form. Robotics Technology is a blend of designing, building, and finally maintaining robots. Thus the professionals use technology to construct intelligent and sophisticated machines.

The technology deals with the manufacturing and designing of automated machines to be used in different fields like defense and aerospace. In these robots are trained apparently, and workers further work as engineers and technicians.

How do Robots work?

Robots Technology explains how robots work. However, in this automated machine, there are major five elements that you need to consider. These elements include:

  • The body structure
  • The sensory system to perceive information from surroundings
  • The muscle system for the movement
  • Brain system to respond after perceiving sensory information
  • Power source for activation of sensors and muscles

Including these, the major attributes include intelligence and morality in the robots. It is the computer brain that will control the working of the robot. These are also known as man-made versions in animal life. The reason behind the fact is a replica of humans and animal behavior.

Robotics who construct robots will show that robots show reprogrammable brain to move a body. However, they are different from cars as robots run by a computer. Also, these robots are distinctly run and are not the same as ordinary computers that we use.

Applications of Robots- Robot Science

Robot science
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Robotics science is the combination of engineering and technology, which is a complicated process that involves the conception, design, operation, and manufacture of robots. But the outcome that is given has completely changed our’s life. They help do that job in a very effective way of fro whom humans have to take the risk of their life. Any kind of job dirty, dull, dangerous robot science has proved them as a better and effective option. With time, we are trusting them, and some of the common applications are as below:

  • Outer Space Application

They have shown that robots are very important for outer space exploration. These are the precious key factors to explore planets, stars. Mars rovers are the name that now days become common for NASA. These can perform semi-autonomous operations.

  • Military Application

This era is a technological era, and robotics is an important factor that gives remarkable success to the military sector. Unmanned aerial vehicles like Predator drone that can take surveillance photographs and launch missiles at a target without the chance of mistake, without a pilot. Machines don not close their eyes; they do not get tired, they do not hide them when its rain, they don’t need rest, they do not have fear, they do not need rest, etc. are the qualities that make them perfect for the military.

  • Intelligent Home Application

Robots for home cleaning are common usage, but they can monitor home security, environmental conditions, and energy usages. Doors can open and close themself using artificial intelligence. Lightning, air conditioning can be programmed by mobile even without physical presence.

  • Industry

Machines can perform many tasks within a period just by simple programming. They do not demand salaries, do not get tired, and take less time to perform any activities. The present robot technology says that they help in material handling. A task like welding, painting, assembly, disassembly, pick and place for printed circuit boards, packaging, and labeling, palletizing, product inspection, testing is done with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Health Industry

Nowadays, robots are also servicing the medical field. Robots Engineering is done in such a way that they are specializing in human treatments, including surgical robots and rehabilitation robots. These can help to assist physically/mentally challenged individuals. Telepresence, surgical assistants, rehabilitation robots, medical transportation robots, sanitation, and disinfection robots, robotic prescription dispensing systems are the top uses of robots in the medical field. By using robots in the medical field, they bring down the cost of healthcare, eliminate human error, simpler work methods operating theatres, also reduced operating time. They can store information to diagnose their patients.

  • Construction Robots

These are divided into three types robotic arm, robotic exoskeleton, traditional robots. These also help in cleaning up contaminated areas like toxic waste.


Robot science is working hard to design the advanced generation of robots to feel, look, and act like human beings. Real looking hairs, skin sensors, blinking of eyes, and artificial intelligence to react naturally in their environment. Robotics Technology is all about manufacturing and designing robots. It is a field where robots are constructed and trained by engineers.

Robotics Engineering includes the study of robots about manufacturing and training them into a useful form. Usually, students having an interest in science and mathematics take part as a robot engineer.

The different types of robots include Rescue, robotic insects, robotics prosthetics, walking robots, exoskeletons, robot caregivers are some of the things that robotics engineering are planning for upcoming years with high advancement. That’s true that robots are eliminating the jobs of humans, but they are also creating new possibilities for work.

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