Robot Replacing Human Workers

As we all know in Today’s time Robotic technology is growing rapidly, which is also confirmed in a report from Oxford University that robot technology has grown in many sectors as speedy innovative advances in mechanization, engineering field, energy storage, artificial intelligence, machine learning programs and much more. which in results transforming the human’s jobs into robot workers. Scientists inventing the robot by judging their capability and ability to transform and overtake the tasks that are carried by humans and they are successful in completing their task.

Now is the time for the human to get worried as robots are taking their places of jobs. the Economics Times article says the acc to some estimate calculated the 20 million manufacturing jobs will be occupied by robots incoming 2030

Let’s check what are these Jobs and tasks!

1. Front desk service and Tele-calling

Robots are developed to generate and receive automated calls which are now routine in India too. Automated calls, repetitive and predictable work are generated in the telecom industry made the human task so easier. The hospital industry in a country like Japan has geared up to provides information, completing all the front Desk Services, Storage Services, and few more services like Check-in and checkout services are performed by some robotics technologies. Most of the services involved in a few hotels in Japan are completely Human free services.

2. Yarn and cloth-making

In the Yarn and Cloth making Industry, robots lead to the destruction of certain many jobs of labor work. machines are used the most in cloth making because this made the savior of time and money both. India’s yarn and material making enterprises among the most labor work— have become the vanguard of comp utilization. The tragic truth is that those in the base level of work that is performed by labor seriously harmed via robotization.

3. The Indian experience

According. to the Professor Dani Rodrik of Harvard University, put it, is “the quintessential lift for creating economies.” For India, which turned into an administration substantial economy before it is completely industrialized, the outcomes of mechanical computerization are more critical. The unavoidable pattern of India’s assembling void methods laborers may not be completely prepared to climb the stepping stool or out of the still-enormous casual economy.

4. Manual cleaners

In this pandemic of Covid-19, the manual cleaning job is of high risk and also causes the levels of pollution. As per the news media reports, the robot is the safest way to do all the disinfection tasks and cleaning of shared-environments and materials, this is the best and safe option for public health. Yet it is an ideal idea that how effectively robots can do the dirty and dangerous cleaning task.

Likewise in China country robots are being utilized in emergency clinics to battle the Covid-19 while an MIT group, in a joint effort with the Greater Boston Food Bank and Ava Robotics, built up a mechanical framework to sanitize surfaces utilizing a UVC light that is incorporated into the base of a versatile robot.

5. Doctors

All the Medical services supplier arrangements from IBM Watson Health have helped medical clinics and health frameworks execution for improved care. Utilizing center capacities for information and investigation and advances like AI, cloud, and blockchain – Watson has helped medical care suppliers produce associations across the health environment that drive the smarter wellbeing of one.

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