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Nowadays all are surrounded by technologies. Numerous types of gadgets have become a part of our life. Technology has a great impact on every single life. In this technological era, it is very difficult to keep one away from gadgets.
In a small period, smartphones have become the most important in human life.

The current situation feels like a human could survive without oxygen but their smartphones shouldn’t be misplaced. This big lifestyle change directly speaks about human development. Smartphones are the powerful computer that itself is a complete box. Several apps like camera, calculator, torch, notes, emailing, video chat, voice recording, etc all are operated in a minute with a single touch.

A new point to be added to this list is that now onward smartphones will help in operating robots too. Apps that are used on smartphones all are built on TensorFlow Lite. These apps help in making our life easier and sometimes feel like magic. Now presenting OpenBot that turns a smartphone into a robot.

The team of Intel ISL works smartly in creating an app that has three AI models. That means one can operate it with a person following or two different modes of autonomous navigation. In the personal following, a robot tracks a person by visual serving with of SSD plus mobile net object detector.

And in autonomous navigation, there is end to end driving policy with only 1.3M parameters that is 7x less than related work and real-time performance on mid-range smartphones.

Autonomous navigation generalization: this robot can detect the route, obstacle, and environment and change the direction. These are also capable to avoid dynamic obstacles.

How to use

Operating a robot with a Smartphone is the easiest way to deal with robots. Only you have to do is follow points:

  • Connect Bluetooth to a smartphone to the robot to initialize its start
  • Drive robot manually in your specific environment to familiarise it
  • Collect the entire data
  • Training to a custom autonomous driving policy may be provided to suit your working environment.

Design of a robot

The composition of the robot is simple as well as significant at the same time. It contains four DC motors, motor drives wired to an Arduino Nano that is interfaced with an Android Phone over serial. Assembly of the robot is easy and it takes a maximum of sixty minutes to arrange all parts in systematic order. It needs some basic tool like screwdrivers, wires

It is a complete package for those who have a special corner of love for robots with a low budget. It feels like using a completely autonomous robot with your expectations in price. These are available in different base according to your demands and budget. These help in research and learning. No doubt whatever the case is, robot technology is a considerable future for better growth. It will keep advancing in the coming time.

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