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Seeing a robot is no more surprise, almost in every field robots are playing a great role. Their quality and functionality make them suitable for any kind of job. The development of technology has led to bringing the ear where remote control robots will help to visit place virtually.

After the big pandemic situation; these powered virtual tourism platforms (where one can completely enjoy the place without physical presence) could be the first choice for the elderly. Zain Khawaja is the founder and CEO behind the idea of Propelmee. The name given to these robots is‘’ Challau.” Here the word challau is derived from Hindi/Urdu which means to operate, initiate, drive, begin, and launch.

Benefits of remote control robots like Challau

For some of us, robots are machines that follow human instructions just like androids. These robots become the next generation, who completely changed their lifestyle. Some of the benefits of Challau robots are:

  • These are fitted with an array of sensors that are powered with AI scenes that help in easy communication.
  • People from any corner of the world could operate with the help of a simple remote.
  • These interact with the help of the internet on computers or smartphones.

Easy to operate by just one click, one can see and hear what the camera and microphones are broadcasting live. And they come back to base without any human supervision making the whole process easy to access.

To look after something so closely, these can move forward and backward according to the given command. These are completely safe with 360-degree collision.

Provide the real-life experience of traveling to an expensive place like abroad, on a very low budget without wasting money.

Help in exploring the local area remotely providing advanced computer vision and spatial awareness that is completely based upon the scene understanding.

People with any kind of disability could enjoy exploring a different part of the world. They might see in the video or just listen to it from their friends. Different cities and countries have different time zones. And these robots could is used in the museum after the local people have visited the place.

In such a way, tourists from abroad could after everything in the museum with the interaction of people. In this way, the museum could be used 24 hours.

The whole body is completely water-proof. So you don’t have to worry about the atmospheric condition.
It is the best gadget for learning to help students. They can feel safe and secured in their comfort zone and could explore their knowledge worldwide without consumption much money.

However, we can conclude that remote control robot-like Challau is the world’s first robot that created social interaction and tourism platform, unlike before it. Robot helps you in seeing, hearing, and experience remote locations from your bed. Location can be shared. These robots provide a reality tour that could be available 24/7 in any location like a zoo, arboretums, and more places.

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