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As we know that robots are taking the places of humans and nowadays security is also done by the robots. Robots are cleaning houses for many years but security robots are also in demand for a few days. Many scientists are working on home security robot and many of these are released.

The different cases for home security robots:

Smart technologies have been released for home security purposes. Some of the products like ring camera and Alexa. Alexa is having guards which is providing the people with full security. It is well known by the people that Alexa is having microphone which is fitted. It can easily recognize the voice of breaking glass or many other voices. But these products are having some gaps in security because they are fitted at a particular place. But the robots are made for the particular process that can revolve around and investigate whether everything is proper or not.

They are having some cameras fitted inside them which can click photographs every second. If these machines are having special sensors and machine vision then they can tell the master about the something wrong they are feeling. This will help the master to become alert before. It becomes very much easy when it comes to security.

1. Commercial security robots:

Robots which are having sensors and moving parts are very much expensive. They are not easily affordable. If they are simple or vacuum cleaner robots, they are also expensive. But as the times is passing the robots rates are decreasing but sometimes people are choosing the sophisticated solution for the problems whether they are for home or offices.

Knightscope K5 is one of the robots which is used for outdoor security purposes. it is made from the combinations of R2-D2, Dalek, and AI turrets. It is mainly used for the security of large areas like schools, offices, and other areas. This robot is having a camera fitted inside it which can turn 360 degrees and give all the information to the control center. People can detect the problems while sitting in the control center and can give instructions to the robots. These robots are also having various sensors through which they can detect the problems which are going to happen.

The different sensors are fitted in the robot-like thermal sensors, laser range, finder, radar, and many more. Spot robot is the robot that is released by the Boston dynamics and is also used for security purposes. In South Korea, Hyundai is also trying to establish a factory for making spot robots in large quantities. The robots are taught for checking the safety hazards like when humans are very close to the hot objects when doors are opened without any use and other hazards.

2. Autonomous security drones:

No doubt the ground robots are very famous for security purposes but if you want to keep a check on a large area then you have to provide wings to the robots. Propellers are the best solution for flying security.

Drones are used for the security of large areas. It can see the distance problems very easily. These usually follow a particular path for the patrolling and then switch to land for the charging purpose. It is not involving any human for the charging purpose. it is doing all its work on its own. There are not a large number of robots made for commercial security purposes. Beehive is a famous drone that is used for large area security. It is made by the sunflower labs. The beehive robot used to release a drone to patrol the defined area for 20 minutes and then come back to the beehive for the charging purpose. It would take 22 minutes for charging and then analyze the photographs it has taken.
Some of the home security robot dogs are very much useful for guarding the homes.

Home security robots you can buy

We know that commercial robots are doing fabulous in the field of security but the fees of these robots are very much expensive. The robots for home security would also be out of budget. Amazon Astro is the best security robot that is used for home security. It is a robot which is looking just like Alexa on the wheels. If it comes in the sale, it is not much costly. It can easily understand the problem or hazard during the master is not at home. It is available at reasonable rates.

If you are thinking that the Astro is very much expensive according to your budget then you must try for the cheapest ones Enabot Ebo SE is a small robot and it is an automatic robot that will do its work on its own.

Some people are thinking that fixed cameras are the best ones but what a robot can do the fixed camera cannot do. They will not hear the noises and they will not detect the problems which are going to happen. Security robots used in homes are newly added to home appliances. It is providing a wide range of security to home appliances. The home security devices are very much smart as they are revolving in the house for protection and safety.

It is using wi-fi system to catch the live video of the home. The camera which is fitted inside the robots can be controlled by using the mobile phones by the master.

The different robots available in the market:

  • Appbot Riley robots are having a camera that can move and can be controlled by a mobile app. It is having special features which can detect the face so that it cannot face any confusion and even have a good night vision. It can be connected to any mobile phone whether it is android phones or iPhones. The camera fitted can be revolved to 360-degree angles so that users can see a clear view of the house.
  • Jamor is a very simple robot that works on the remote. It is also known by the name “car robot”. It revolves around the home and records all the workings in the form of video. This robot is having four wheels and it can be easily controlled. It is having the facility that it can charge itself when it came to knowing that charging is about to finish. It is available at affordable rates.
  • Xrana robot is having a very nice gripping on the ground so that it cannot slip on the ground while it is walking. Through the app, the robot is showing all the details of the camera and where it is going. This robot is having the facility for the master to click the screenshots using these robots. The video cannot be clear if the robot is having proper network coverage.

We can even use different sensors for protecting your homes other than robots which are as follows:

  • Door sensors
  • Window alarms
  • Indoor surveillance camera
  • Security monitor
  • Motion sensors


Home security robots are very much useful when you are not at home. It will take proper care of the house. It will sense the problems which would be faced by the people in the upcoming times. These are the best home security robots that are having special sensors which will detect the hazards first and solve the problems all on their own. These robots are automatic and humans do not have to face problems related to charging. They are easily controlled by using mobile phones. The master can even click photographs from the video which is shared by the robots during their investigation. These will be solving your problems.

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