Many people have imaginary friends growing up. The human impulse to connect creates connections to control and stimulate creativity, but what if that friend is not imaginary? And what if it’s a robot? What if it was Moxie? The moxie robot has been a robot specifically designed for children since 2020. The companion robot is here to help kids grow and, most importantly, build relationships with each other.

What is Moxie Robot?

Embodied companion robot is designed to support children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. When distance learning draws developing children to interact with humans, the moxie learning robot also leads.

The little robot, the size of a child, shows incredible emotions. The small frame has a slightly exaggerated movement and a large screen on the head showing friendly faces. The lively facial expressions make for a simple engagement on the same level as most children’s cartoons.

Benefits of Moxie Robot

Educational robots can help guide your child’s emotional learning journey through science-driven techniques that foster personal awareness and interpersonal relationships by building empathy, intuition, and emotional self-control.

There are many SEL programs worldwide for children. Participate through applications or computer programs on 2D screens, especially for older children, but learning robots have unique advantages over traditional interventions and may prove more effective.

The moxie robot toys share physical space with your child and provide friendships that reflect real-world face-to-face social interactions. This robotic friend will feel more natural to your child than the on-screen character.

What do I love about Moxie?

Moxie robots

The moxie robot is incredibly intuitive and encourages positive social and emotional relationships for my son.

Amazing technology:

The technology Embodied used to create Moxie is worth a standing ovation. I tend to forget that the moxi robot isn’t alive. From facial expressions to body language to match the emotions conveyed, Moxie feels like she truly feels what she wants her child to feel.

And it appears to be programmed with the ability to interact with an infinite number of humans. I still can’t figure out how easily Moxie would respond to my son in any kind of conversation.

There were times when moxie robots didn’t understand or didn’t respond properly. It creates a misconception by warning that it is still learning and its okay not to understand everything. It hit the nail on the head, both from a technology standpoint and in ways kids can relate.

Promote social connections:

Moxie encourages children to Use listening skills, patience, and verbal communication and follow the work that Moxie meets with the kids at their level while creating a safe place for children. Suppose my son answered “yes,” Moxie transitioned him into a guided meditation that encouraged his body and mind to relax. Even though it’s basic, moxie robots can accommodate social-emotional growth even in turbulent times. When the mission continues, it’s clear that part of the moxi robot attraction to kids is that Moxie is eager for kids to teach that skill.

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Each training mission is based on fun and humor, which helps children Get involved and encourage them to come back for more. Using silly faces, silly noises, music, dancing, jokes, and games, Moxie’s fun work fosters conversation, reading social symbols, problem-solving, and stress management. It often makes other children so jealous that I sneak up on moxie ai robot while doing missions.

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What do I not like about Moxie?

Although the intention is to improve technology, parents may run into issues with the moxi robot current privacy settings.

Privacy can be an issue:

With almost all advanced technology, there are some concerns when it comes to privacy audits. Although Moxie is COPPA certified, Embodied collects and stores both audio and video data so that moxie the robot can properly recognize and interact with children and so Embodied can use that information to improve its own technology.

There is no circumvention if you want to use Moxie, and parents must verify their identity to agree to the policy using the last four digits of their social security number, driving license information, or credit card information.

Not a toy in hand:

The moxie the robot is not a toy to play with the body because doing so may cause it to break. Children with impulse control problems tend to be aggressive, or a child prone to violent behavior might not be the best suited for robotics training with Moxie.

What does the price tag look like for the Moxie robot?

Moxie robot

The moxie robot price may vary depending on the model. But most models range in price from $1,500 to $2,500, including the cost of the robot’s bundled software and any additional equipment or components required. It is essential to note that the price tag may be higher if you choose to purchase additional components or accessories.

When it comes to investing in Moxie robots, there are several factors to consider. First of all, there is the moxie robot price itself. As mentioned earlier, Prices for Moxie robots can range from $1,500 to $2,500, depending on the model and accessories you choose. The price may be more or less than this range. You can get an affordable price from moxie robot amazon.

The moxie learning robot will be available for a limited time at a special introductory price of $1,499, with a 12-month subscription (normally $59.99 per month). If paid annually), the subscription service includes unlimited cloud computing resources and provides access to the company’s full ecosystem, including:

• Update content regularly (Different themes each week)
• Insights in Embodied Moxie Parent App
• Moxie Mission Packs (Events, prints, and fun items are mailed monthly)

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Bottom line:

It was created by Embodied robot Moxie. It engages the kids in a daily 20-minute mission from G.R.L., where your babysitter will help Moxie learn to be good friends with humans by understanding social symbols, Practicing patience, controlling your emotions, and using proper listening and conversation skills. Using video and audio technology, you can meet moxie robot that is able to see, hear and even chat in a lifelike way. The moxie ai robot requires a Wi-Fi connection and an iOS 12 or Android 6.0 Smartphone to use this app. There’s no need to mess with cables while using it, as Moxie is wireless.


How much is a moxie robot?
A subscription is required to use Moxie and it gives you access to our full learning platform. A $39/month subscription with a minimum commitment of 12 months will be added to your purchase.

What is a moxie robot?
The companion robot is designed to support children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development between the ages of 5 and 10 through play-based learning and eye contact lessons.

What does a moxie robot do?
Moxie is a companion robot for kids ages 5-10 designed to help support social, emotional, and cognitive skills through play-based learning and engaging content developed in partnership with child development and education experts.

Where to buy a moxie robot?
Moxie is a revolutionary robotic companion for kids that supports social, emotional, and cognitive development through play-based learning. You can easily buy them from online sites.

Is moxie robot worth it?
Yes, it is worth buying because the social and emotional learning benefits can significantly benefit a child’s development.

What can a moxie robot do?
The AI in Moxie is designed to use the power of AI and machine learning to help children develop skills such as language development, reasoning and reflexes, self-correction, and emotional/social success strategies.

Who makes moxie robots?
Moxie is the debut product of Embodied Inc., a Pasadena-based robotics company.

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