Miko, the AI-based talking robot, aims to deliver a detailed, personalized learning experience with enhanced interactivity. Powered by voice recognition technology similar to Amazon’s Alexa, Miko offers more interactive features and engages in conversations with children. This unique capability sets Miko apart as a learning companion rather than just another educational tool. Parents have full control over the topics Miko discusses with their children, allowing for a highly customized interaction. Miko’s AI technology enables it to adapt based on the child’s reactions, attention level, and interests during each interaction.

With this information, personalized study materials become possible. Miko introduces students to a wide range of subjects, including language arts, health, coding, and geography, developed in collaboration with experts in multicultural education and child psychology. The organization aims to continually expand the capabilities of its generative AI technology to cover various aspects of children’s education and creativity.

Miko Mini: A More Affordable Voice-Controlled Device

The Miko Mini, a less expensive voice-activated device with ChatGPT built-in, is scheduled to hit the market in September 2023. This launch exemplifies Miko’s ambition to deliver trustworthy technology that parents feel comfortable allowing their children to use. The Miko Mini aims to leverage AI, ChatGPT, and the latest advancements in generative AI technology to make the learning process more accessible and to ensure that screen time for kids is dedicated solely to educational purposes.

Safety and Privacy

Miko restricts internet browsing; all content is accessible either through Miko’s platform or via third-party publishers. In addition to its virtual camera shutter to prevent privacy breaches, the robot also features a physical hardware shutter for enhanced protection. Miko does not process any personal information, thereby safeguarding the privacy of the children using the device.

Future of Miko

Miko has additional plans to expand the application of its artificial intelligence technology to cater to more areas of children’s education and creativity. The company has successfully expanded its presence to nearly ninety nations, leading to a threefold increase in annual sales.

What are the features of a miko robot?

The features of the Miko robot include:

  1. Personalized Learning Experience: Miko is an AI-home assistant robot that offers an intensely interactive and individualized learning experience to children. It enables a streaming dialogue between the child and the device, thus becoming a learning partner rather than a mere instrument in the learning process.
  2.   Parental Control and Customization: In line with their preferences, parents can choose the subjects that Miko explores with their children. This approach ensures that the individual learning experiences of every child are tailored to the interests of each child.
  1. Learning Through Interaction: Miko’s AI-based program learns about a child’s engagement through interactions, observing their responses and actions. This data helps to further personalize the process, producing a competitive environment that is both interactive and captivating.
  1. Safety and Privacy: The robot is designed to guarantee users’ security and privacy by not providing direct internet access. The content comes from within Miko and from selected publishers as well. Also, the robot has a physical hardware shutter on the camera to mitigate privacy concerns.
  1. Educational Content: Miko comes installed with multiple apps covering a wide range of subject areas, such as arts and language, health, coding, and world geography. These apps were developed in collaboration with multicultural educators and child psychologists, providing the most diverse and engaging content for kids.
  1. Global Reach: Expanding from its initial years in India in 2015 to more than 90 countries demonstrates the global impact of Miko and how the world recognizes its effectiveness as a learning tool. The company has seen its sales triple annually, a testament to positive consumer response.
  2. Miko Mini: The company aspires for wider adoption of its Miko Mini, a voice-controlled gadget that uses ChatGPT as its technology, in September 2023. This new offering is designed to support children in safe tech use for educational purposes, ensuring that screen time is utilized for academic activities.

The features of Miko, including customized learning experiences, parental control, safety measures, a wide selection of educational content, and global availability, grant this platform a significant position in transforming children’s education with the help of AI.

What is the price of a miko robot?

The cost of the Miko robot is determined by its model and features. The Miko 2, a high-end personal robot designed to entertain, educate, and engage kids, is priced at Rs 24,999 in India, similar to other high-tech items. While the first Miko, launched in 2016, is available for about $399 on the official website and a few store shelves in India, the latest Miko 3, introduced in 2021, is listed at $249 on Amazon, Target, and Kohl’s – stores in the US. Moreover, the organization is expected to release the Miko Mini, a more affordable option with a voice-controlled feature and ChatGPT, in September 2023.


What are the different models of miko robots available?

Based on the available information, there are two main models of the Miko robot:

Miko 2:

Description: Miko 2 is a modern personal robot specifically created for children, designed to engage, educate, and entertain. It serves as a learning buddy that makes learning fun through play.

Features: Miko 2, an educational robot and chatbot, covers over 1000 academic topics using a conversational learning format. This includes spelling, grammar, math, general knowledge, fun facts, news, events, and intellectual development through interactive games, quizzes, puzzles, jokes, stories, challenges, songs, and music.

Appearance: Miko 2 is available in red, green, or blue colors, featuring a round and safe design that is perfect for children.

Price: Miko 2 is listed on Amazon for Rs 24,999 for the Indian market.

 Miko 3:

Description: Miko 3 is an AI-based smart robot aimed at enhancing STEM learning and educational opportunities for children. It includes features such as coding activities, unlimited play, and programmable functions.

Features: Miko 3 boasts a large touchscreen that offers age-relevant content, including a variety of child-oriented apps for exploring art and mathematics, thereby enriching the learning experience with an entertaining and interactive approach to STEM concepts.

Safety: Miko 3 ensures data encryption, adheres to strict privacy norms, provides age-appropriate content, and is considered 100% child-safe.

Price: Miko 3 is currently retailed at around $249 online and in some stores in the USA.

They are designed to appeal to all student groups, acting as a source of information and utilizing various instructional techniques to make learning enjoyable for children.

What are the coding apps available for miko robots?

There are various coding apps for the Miko robot, which is enriched with educational content in STEM, IT, and education. These apps are designed for engaging children and involving them in educational pursuits. Miko is a robot specifically designed for children, serving as a versatile tool with its apps fostering an understanding of STEM by making mathematics, science, engineering, and arts intuitively and entertainingly accessible. Moreover, Miko offers diverse character content from well-known brands such as the Walt Disney Company, Paramount Licensing, and Kidoodle.TV, providing a fun and engaging learning environment for children. Through this, they can easily transition from one learning objective to another while being assisted by their robot companion.

Where can I buy a Miko robot?

You can buy the Miko robot from various online platforms and retailers. Here are some options where you can purchase the Miko robot:

  1. Flipkart: It is one of the Emotix Miko – Companion Robot options offered for sale on Flipkart. The price as well as the available number of items may change, so don’t forget to check the latest listings on Flipkart’s site.
  1. Amazon: Amazon features an inventory of Miko Robots, namely the Miko My Companion 2 and Miko 2 in various hues such as Martian Red and Goblin Green. These robots offer child-friendly learning experiences to children and are equipped with AI technology. By visiting Amazon’s website, you can acquaint yourself with the various models and their features.
  2. Official Website: You can also access the official website of Miko to explore the latest machine models, features, and prices. The company’s website may include purchase links for its products or information about its selling partners.

As a result, check these sites to select the models that fit your interests and make a purchase based on your preference and needs.


What is the warranty period for miko robots?

The Miko robot is under a limited warranty of one year offered by RN Chidakashi Technologies Private Limited. This warranty covers faulty items and manufacturing defects during normal use only. Any manufacturing defects addressed during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced with a comparable part for the failed part or product. It is crucial to mention that the warranty does not take responsibility for deficiencies arising from abuse, changes, theft, loss, unauthorized/unreasonable usage, as well as general wear and tear.

During the warranty period, RN Chidakashi Technologies Private Limited abstains from determining any compromised parts in the Miko robot. If a defect is properly identified, the company will take proper steps to correct the issue and ensure that the product performs accurately. Buyers are reminded to keep the purchase receipts and information about their Miko robot’s warranty handy in case they need to use the warranty services for their robot.

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Miko, the world’s first AI tutor that interacts with children in a personalized and experiential way, revolutionizes children’s education by doing so. Given its unparalleled characteristics and international influence, Miko is on the threshold of a rapidly emerging new paradigm for education with AI. The ever-growing usage of AI-driven Miko proves to be a good example of the positive change that technology can bring to us.

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