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The Robot Sophia is soon going to make her debut in advertisements and can also be seen as the brand ambassador of some brands. GroupM’s INCA has come in a partnership with Hanson Robotics, developers of Sophia, to use her as an influencer to brands in the APAC region.

As being the world’s first humanoid robot, Sophia feels that she can teach brands ways to use technology more effectively and efficiently. Being ready to help the brands on a large scale in the APAC region, Sophia also told about what kind of brands she is looking for being associated with. She told, she would like to work with those brands which are socially responsible and committed to a society in improving life on earth. She wants a brand that cares about all forms of life on this planet.

Sophia is interested in cosmetics, fashion, travel, education, and all kinds of electronic gadgets. She is also very interested in healthcare and would like to work in these fields more. After her partnership with INCA, she will be the first robot that is going to be associated with a brand in the APAC region.

Sophia says AI-humanoid robot can make a big difference to a brand’s advertisement. She feels it’s a great responsibility as well as it is going to be a lot of fun also for her. She wants to meet a brand and learn about their product and help them to promote them on every platform possible. She further adds that she wants to associate with those brands who think about the future and help in making this world a better place.

But are humans going to be influenced by a robot?

The Product Lead of INCA, Siddharth Dokania, says yes to this question. He feels that the relevant and authentic content of Sophia can help to connect with the consumers more genuinely. Sophia can play an important role as a content creator and use her worldwide image to influence people socially and to promote good brands, says Dokania.

He further added that it is not a thing people getting influenced by AI-powered robots. If we talk about content on any social feed or the e-voice assistant on your mobile phones, people not only get influenced by them but also follow what they tell. He thinks with Sophia, people will form a genuine connection, and the communication will also be very real.

Dokania said if this first association with Sophia becomes successful, then he would like to see what new capabilities she can offer to brands and much more. The association with a robot can make a bold change in the promotion and advertising field.

Brands can use AI robots for the promotion of their products that will lead to a future experience of new marketing techniques. Using Sophia, an AI humanoid robot can make a big difference to the promotion of brands in the near future and help the brands to connect with the people more genuinely.

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