Chatbots have gained immense popularity in recent times. In Facebook Messenger, you can find them in large numbers. What could be causing this dramatic increase in chatbots? Why are they becoming so well-liked?

Chatbots are used to expand and support corporate teams in their interactions with customers. Many business owners are implementing this technology since it helps organizations save significant amounts of money. Additionally, the ability to use these bots on your own website, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, SMS-based platforms, and other locations gives you the chance to reach a wider audience.

Although chatbots may seem like a far-off concept, data from the Global Web Index claim that 75% of internet users are now using one or more chatting systems. Despite each user using an average of 24 applications each month, research indicates that 5 apps are where most of the user’s time is spent. This means that while developing an app is difficult, there is still a good probability that you will combine your chatbot with one of these platforms.

Let’s look through a few advantages that chatbots offer now:

Improved Sales Growth

Chatbots can effectively boost the sales of the business. They can:

  • Describe fresh goods and services.
  • Give products or shipping details
  • Offer coupon codes
  • Upsell and cross-sell

Additionally, since they are accessible around-the-clock, bots can offer assistance, suggestions, and immediate responses without pausing, minimizing the time it takes for a problem to be resolved during the buying process and thereby lowering friction. Cart abandonment rates are the main issue facing all eCommerce firms; measures like these can help reduce them.

Better Lead Generation, Qualification, and Nurturing Process

Through social media and sponsored advertisements, many firms employ several methods to collect leads from their website. Even if a landing page or campaign is really good at generating leads, many businesses still miss opportunities because they don’t follow up with or interact with those prospects quickly enough. Alternatively put, chatbots:

  • Lean Generation will be boosted by giving you the ability to interact with and remember your prospects’ attention on any channel, such as the web (ads, landing pages, and your website), messaging applications, and social media.
  • Improve Lead Qualification by allowing you to ask questions and gather information naturally, upload and process this information to and with your CRM tools.
  • Support lean nurturing by keeping the context of previous choices and decisions in mind when interacting with leads in the future and by involving them in the conversation with each offer, follow-up, and suggestion you make.

Available 24/7


I’m sure the majority of you have endured being on hold while a customer service representative plays dull music. People wait an average of 7 minutes before being assigned to an agent. The days of awaiting the next available operative are long gone. Live chat and other kinds of communication, like emails and phone calls, are being replaced by bots.

Because chatbots are essentially virtual robots, they never grow bored and keep executing your orders. They won’t need to take a break; they’ll keep working every day of the year. This raises your client satisfaction rating and elevates your position in your industry.

Managing Clients

The amount of things we as humans can do at once is constrained. According to a study, people can only focus on three to four things at once. If it extends beyond that, mistakes are inevitable.

On the other hand, chatbots may converse with thousands of individuals at once. No matter what time of day it is or how many people are contacting you, you will respond to every one of them immediately. Chatbots are already being used by businesses like Taco Bell and Domino’s to schedule package deliveries.

Cost Savings

If you are a business owner, you undoubtedly have a large workforce that demands compensation for their labor. And when the business expands, these costs just keep on rising. Chatbots are a one-time investment that allow organizations to employ less workers overall.

You may incorporate a customer service chatbot into your company to handle simple client inquiries and forward only the more complicated ones to customer service representatives.

Guarantees Complete Customer Satisfaction

People respond to others depending on their feelings and mood. A salesperson will most likely speak to customers in a positive manner if they are having a positive attitude or are in a good mood. The customer won’t be happy in contrast to this.

Chatbots, on the other hand, are preprogrammed to follow certain rules and are therefore constrained by them. No matter how rude the consumer is, they always treat them with the utmost respect and perfection. Additionally, a bot can be taught to communicate in a traveler’s language in the travel and hospitality sector where customers often do not speak the same language.

Automation of Repetitive Work

Let’s face it, no one enjoys performing the same task again over a short period of time. These tasks are prone to inaccuracy when performed by humans. The right chores that need to be done frequently and on time can now be automated with the aid of chatbots.

Additionally, there are several slack bots available right now that automate routine activities. People can thus save time and work more efficiently. For instance, if a customer purchases new merchandise from your e-commerce website or if a defect is reported, a brief summary is sent to a Slack channel.

Personal Assistant

People can utilize bots to ask for clothes advice from a fashion advisor, get trading advice from a finance bot, get travel suggestions from a travel bot, and so on. This would enable the consumers to interact with the chatbot on a more intimate level. Additionally, the chatbot will keep track of all your selections and offer you pertinent options the next time you come.

In Conclusion

Having a chatbot has a lot of advantages. Some of which are covered in this article. With the aid of these bots, who operate nonstop for their owners, businesses will be able to significantly reduce costs while increasing revenue. And with new developments like Artificial intelligence, NLP, and machine learning that make the bot more intelligent to the point where it does not need to be told what to do by an employee emerging every year, that time is not far off. Therefore, it is safe to claim that chatbots have a promising future.

By Robots Science

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