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Our kids these days are facing a sea of complexities at school. Since the pandemic, kids have been habituated to virtual classrooms that fit the learning style for some; however, some subjects are tougher to keep in mind online. Parents like us always wish the best for their child’s future, and it is tough to see them stressed and struggling with academics, especially maths. We sometimes lack confidence in this subject, and fortunately, an app now makes things easier – Photomath!

You might often wonder what Photomath is used for. In our post today, we will try covering the fundamental details of what you should know about Photomath and start earning money by becoming a math expert on this app. We have jotted down almost everything you should know if you plan to make money online by resolving the maths problems.

What is Photomath

Photomath was founded way back in 2014 out of the sole frustration of a father who is an engineer while helping his kids with maths homework. The company’s primary aim is to assist our kids in better understanding math by offering step-by-step easier instruction.

The Photomath online free app is more accessible and available across iOS and Android devices, building confidence in maths by teaching students to resolve equations. It starts fostering independence by offering a much better knowledge about the problematic complexities of math.

Here you will also learn how to get Photomath Plus for free. It becomes easier to notice why it has become a highly used math learning app after your kid has started using it.

How does Photomath work?


Photomath for computers borrows the technology of AI or artificial intelligence for recognizing math problems and generating sequential explanations to the issues for instant help while your kids are working. The app features the Photo math calculator and camera mode to resolve issues and get step-by-step instructions.

How to use Photomath on the computer?

Let us check out how both these modes work!

Step 1 – OCR or Optical Character Recognition

PhotoMath initially reads the mathematical equations you are looking to resolve. It uses the advanced technology of OCR for reading these equations. It identifies the printed characters of the distinctive math problems.

Microblink is the developer of OCR technology as it recognizes the characters such as numbers, letters, and math symbols with the help of the Photomath calculator online.

The technology of OCR is mainly used for converting printed books into eBooks. But, performing the OCR with the notes written by hand is tough because the size and shape of the letters vary. The PhotoMath solver app uses the unique limited OCR program for working out the limited math problems as it shows the numbers, symbols, signs, and more.

Step 2- Select a formula by running identified characters via algorithms

You can use Photomath on the computer, where the app resolves the mathematical problem. The PhotoMath app operates these characters, which it recognizes from the captured images using the algorithms for examination.

The algorithm starts to assess every character concerning the rest to determine the right formula to resolve this math issue.

Step 3 – Solve the math problems and equations.

The algorithm to solve the problem gets applied to the selected formula offering the solutions and steps to the math problems through equations. The app is an advanced expert system built to mimic the human expert on math who can solve the problem. It offers the students with stronger learning experiences in math.

It takes innovations to combine existing items into something new and useful. These are the app’s helpful attributes, which is why students depend on this app for solving billions of math problems.

The in-house team of experts in math makes it their full-time job to consider them through the ideal way of explaining and solving math problems. They even lay a robust foundation for how the app explains and shows math problems to its users.

Photomath vs Photomath plus


The free Photomath app has several fans; however, if you are considering hiring a tutor for your kid, you can first try upgrading to PhotoMath Plus.

So, how much does photomath plus cost? It comes with a $9.99 monthly price, offering additional support and placing help right at your kids’ fingertips. The features include textbook solutions, tutorials, math terminologies, and definitions of the concepts with explanations of the “why” and “how” of specific steps at the fractional costs of the hourly rate of every tutor.

Let us check out the in-depth features of the Photomath Plus free and the way they can help your kids to become more confident in math.

Animated tutorials

If your kid misses out on how the math teachers explain how problems get solved in the class, the animated tutorial feature is inspired by ways the teachers can break down or draw out solutions on the whiteboards in the live classrooms.

Textbook solutions

Numerous times, the kids get assigned to practice the problems through their textbook for practicing the problems only to feel stuck whenever they attempt them as their task. It becomes highly frustrating not to find the help you would require with the issues you struggle with, but the textbook solutions features can help.

Concept definitions & Math terms

Sometimes the kids become the mid-problem, suddenly forgetting about the concept or the term. It is quite disruptive to the problem-solving procedure. Photomath Plus includes the math concept and term definitions offering help for reinforcing the concepts to help the kids learn and tie together the materials.

Photomath and PhotoMath Plus have an entire treasure of features to help every age understand and learn the concept of maths. The math teachers write step-by-step explanations to help the kids develop a deeper understanding of the problems they resolve to feel more confident.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to earn money on Photomath?
The following are the ways you can start becoming a contributor:

  • You can apply for the position through the web portal
  • Undergo the process of assessment in English proficiency and knowledge of maths
  • Complete the training and start solving the math problems.

Is Photomath completely free?
The main highlight of PhotoMath is that it is entirely free to download and use.

Is Photomath allowed?
If kids can start using Photomath the math problems, then these problems will never hit the math practices, and therefore do not cheat.

Can Photomath solve everything?
Yes, Photomath can solve almost everything.

What are the disadvantages of Photomath?
You will find a red frame in the Photomath app, which you have used for capturing the equations. Photomath can read math problems with limitations, and Photomath can start reading printed text; therefore, the app can never solve handwritten notes.

Does Photomath cost money?
The main function of Photomath comes free, so you can start scanning to get stepwise solutions for all types of math problems.

How much is Photomath a month?
The cost for Photomath is $9.99 every month.

How much do Photomath experts get paid?
The salary for the math expert at Photomath ranges annually between INR 2.7 Lakhs to INR 11.7 Lakhs.

How do I not pay for Photomath?
So, how to cancel Photomath Plus? On your Android phone, you need to:

  • Open up the Google or Play Store
  • Ensure that you are signed in with the right Google Account
  • Click on the Menu and Subscriptions
  • Select the type of subscription you want to cancel
  • Click on cancel subscriptions.

Does Photomath sell data?
Photomath is extremely strict regarding its privacy policy, as it would never trade on your data.

Which math app is free?
So, is Photomath free? They are free on iOS and Android platforms, where Photomath enables you to snap pictures of math problems and get stepwise solutions. It helps you with several Math problems easily, from basic math to fractions to trigonometry to quadratic and linear equations.

What is the best app to solve math problems?
Photomath is the best app; you can check it out by differentiating between other apps like photomath and mathway.

Is Photomath good for learning?
Although the free version is quite handy, the subscription version provides detailed explanations of solutions, is reasonably priced, and could help struggling kids if used properly. You can also get a photomath subscription on iPhone, and a feature for solving geometry and graphing problems would be a great addition.

Photomath is a great app for learning math. However, the free version is handy, with the subscription version offering detailed analysis of the solutions, which is reasonably priced and can help the kids struggle with using them properly. The best feature is the photomath for geometry.

Does Photomath refund?
So, how to cancel Photomath subscription? The refunds get processed for accidental reasons during the first week of the subscription period.

Can Photomath answer word problems?
The Photomath Plus can help you unlock exclusive aspects like deeper explanations, AI-powered animated tutorials, custom-made solutions for each problem, and contextual hints across several other math textbooks.

Can I get paid to do math?
You can easily apply to be a Photomath expert through the web portal. You can go through the assessment of maths knowledge and English proficiency.

Is being a Photomath expert worth it?
Yes, if you are an expert in PhotoMath, then you can start earning around $400 every week.

Who is the owner of Photomath?
The CEO of Photomath is Damir Sabol

How many people use Photomath?
The app has over 220 million downloads globally, as noted in 2021. The official website claims that it solves more than a billion monthly problems, and over 1 million teachers are using it.

Is Photomath good for teachers?
Photomath is a highly effective tool for teachers in and out of class. Photomath can take care of the technicalities, leaving you more time to focus on teaching the logic behind the problems by developing problem-solving skills.

How old is Photomath?
Photomath was founded in 2014, so in 2023, it will be 18 years old.

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