During the recent coronavirus pandemic, the advancement of technology has shown a great way ahead. Black Canyon, a coffee chain in Thailand, is serving its customers through robots to avoid physical contact. It provides the customer with complete hospitality and conduct.

The robot is known as PuduBot, designed by Pudu Robotics. It is very famous in entire Europe and Asia. It is the most convenient and easiest way to do work without any physical contact and without affecting human beings. It is also known as the delivery robot. Many coffee chains and food giants take the help of such delivery robots to serve their customers.

How does the delivery robot work?

The robot has multiple shelves on itself and moves on wheels. It has an all-aluminum frame built to provide a stable structure to the body of a PuduBot. It also has a LED display on the top near the handle. It has an interactive light strip for clear operating instructions.

At Black Canyon Coffee, customers place their orders at the food desk and then dine at their tables and wait for their order. The staff members put the order on a shelf of the PuduBot to serve the customers. Then it is the job of the robot to transfer the order to the correct table and honor the clients. It improves both efficiency and effectiveness of the business concern.

The PuduBot also has sensors to avoid bashing into human beings. These sensors recognize the physical touch automatically, which would change the facial expressions of the robot. It has a Lidar, which is a new generation radar, and provides more efficient SLAM mapping. The PuduBot also provides high-fidelity audio and offers outstanding sound effects. It has the best visual solution that provides precise positioning as per the customer tables. Moreover, it is a traceable gadget with a revolutionary 3D obstacle-resistant solution granting safer delivery.

The Future of a PuduBot

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the coffee giant, they will try to improve the efficiency of the robot shortly and enable it to take orders and receive payments from the customers as it would save both their cost and time. However, they do not intend to replace the workforce with robots. But due to the pandemic, they need to maintain social distancing and reduce physical contact to maintain the safety of people.

Around 2000 PuduBots have been in use all over the world. Not only do the dining houses, cafes, and restaurants benefit from their service, but also there are many hospitals in South Korea and China, which serve meals to their patients with the help of such robots.

Limitations of the Delivery Robot

The major con of the PuduBot is that it cannot know if the customer has taken the ordered food or not. Thus, the staff must bring the robot back and make it ready for another order. Also, it is highly prone to corrosion as its shelves consist of an aluminum alloy. It can further damage the internal parts of the robot.

Another disadvantage of the robot is that its charging time is very high. It takes a long time to charge. Hence, in restaurants with long working hours or high functioning, it may prove to be highly disadvantageous.

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