Six Senses

It is a very wonderful thing that the robots get the senses of their surrounding without any permission of yours. Many of the robots are made on this basis and grasp much knowledge from the surrounding without the involvement of the master. The robots which are made on this strategy are as follows:


1. Miko 3

This is a small robot that can speak, and understand the wordings of the children. It is also used for giving knowledge to your children, and the right skills which are important for children. Parents can even control the information. it is easy for the robot to speak different languages and children might learn the languages as per the requirement. It is well-known that children are very excited while playing with the robots and they will understand the problems in the playing method.

2. Wigl

It is having a combination of musical education with stem training. It is also used to increase the interest of the children in the robotics and engineering field. The small children will find the little robots dancing on the musical notes. It would be a cheering option for the children when they see the connection between the robots and their actions.

3. Cue

If the children are having a keen interest in the coding part, then they can take the help of the cue robot. This will show different tutorials, and demos so that children should not face any problems while playing with codes.

4. Aibo

Most scientists wanted to design a robot in the shape of a dog. He is trying to learn the habits and environment so that it can be easily fitted into your family. All the things can be controlled by using your mobile phones like feeding, walking, and patrolling the house. You would feel happiness while spending some time with the Aibo.

5. Vayyar home

It is a robot that is using radiofrequency for telling the master that something has fallen in the room. It is not using any camera. It is mostly used in bathroom areas because falling mostly occurs in the bathroom. It takes the data of the person wandering at the night. this would be very much helpful for you to take proper care of your loved ones.

6. Elliq

It is one of the robots which are mostly used for helping people at the home. This robot is having a program fitted inside it which is making the old parents active and mentally fitted by doing conversations with them. It is also having different features like physical exercise, stress management, and many more.

7. Aido

It is a robot that is a combination of entertainment, convenience, and many features in one humanoid robot. It is having a projector fitted which would be helpful for the members of the family to watch movies, and play games. It would be playing with the children and helping with the household work. It will do the work like opening the door and playing music.

8. PR2

This robot is not yet released on the market but its features are very much effective. It is solving the problems related to disabled people. This robot will make disabled people independent. It is mostly used for people who are paralyzed and are not able to do work in their daily routines. By using this robot, they would be able to live a very simple and interesting life.

9. Spot mini

These robots are mostly used in the construction area. It is used for the safety of humans during construction. These robots can be used for monitoring the work of the workers. The spot mini can be used for washing dishes and opening the doors. This robot is having four legs not the wheels like the other robots is having. It can easily walk on uneven areas and even on the stairs which creates any problem.

10. Cleanse Bot

Everything found in the homes which we are using on the daily basis should be cleaned regularly. Some of the items which are kept in the house are not very much easy to clean. It is using the UV -c light for cleaning the utensils. It can easily clean 40 different types of materials. This robot can easily clean curtains, couches, and useful items which are used in homes.

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