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Disney brought a new robotic revolution by producing a robot that gives a life illusion with its robotic eye movements!

Disney is now creating a robot that has eyes staring at you as the humans do!

Now the robots might also give you an illusion of human life gazing at you. The skinless face created by Disney for the humanoid animatronic bust has left the world stunned with delight! And the first glimpse of this robotic invention came into light with the video demonstration presented in “realistic and interactive robot gaze.’ Isn’t it very cool that now robots can show off a human attribute and send eye movements just like their human companion do?

Earlier last week, Disney released new footage in its research paper about “the development of a system for lifelike gaze in human-robot interactions,” which has an aim for “the illusion of life.” Robots under this type of system pertain the potential to react in the realistic mannerisms as humans do. And the best part is it also send environmental signals similar to humans.

However, this robotic movement is also getting mixed reactions from the people around. Some people look at this robotic demonstration with a distinct facet of getting into the weird alley as the robot is skinless. As it is not entirely human, it could easily qualify for something that looks like an alien power.

After having an overview of this robotic power, you can also transfer the focus to its eye movements. The video’s explainer further stated about the “saccades,” which refers to the continuous eye movement going on through multiple points. This subtle detail is usually visible and noticeable when you enter into communication with humans. And it is at times quite disruptive and insightful to experience this type of behavior through a robot.

The Disney Research team has brought over several marvels from the past few years, including the 3-D teddy bear that was thoroughly a big wonder. Another surprise invention by Disney was the high-flying robotic stunt doubles that showed up some amazing moves.

If you remember, Disney has been using animatronics to accelerate and amplify the experience of its theme park. You can also check out the Avatar Shaman, which is an excellent example of the same. It is thoroughly a mesmerizing innovation in relevance to the robotic gaze, which brought like to the various animatronic characters. In the past few years, Disney robotic inventions are slowly waving the distinction between reality and illusion. And it is evident through the humanoid robots in the past few years.

Hopefully, the coming future might appear similar to the Westworld but should not replicate the massacre at all!

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