Nowadays it’s common to see the robot in the working area where it is a company, industries, offices, or any other working areas. Rapidly robots are replacing humans and are supposed to be the best workers in comparison to a human.

Unlike a human, they do not need a break, food, energy. The robotic revolution is developing rapidly, and technologies are showing the best replacement for a human. Robots provide continuous service that benefits the owner. Then why not be humans replaced? Robots are no longer supervising anyone.

Everyone is well known for the fact that no one can be sure not to be replaced by a machine soon. Robots are getting the job to monitor inventory, advance in automation, engineering, energy storage, artificial intelligence machine storage, and machine learning converge.

AI (Artificial intelligent) sensors of robots help them to work in a supermarket. That means bot (a software application that works to complete many tasks) will automatically move around or travel through the walkway to check out the store and find out which item in stock.

The hospitality industry, especially in developed countries, is gearing up to provide information, front desk services, storage services, as well as check-in and check-out services by robots. The current situation of the unexpected pandemic has a big impact on human life. Suddenly cleaning floors at airports and taking people’s temperatures to become the need and robot act as the best solution to that situation.

Most of the business turns into an online shop. Workers have to shift back to their hometowns that result in work from home situations. While some among them have made the comeback, some of them are expected to never return. One group of economists estimates that 42% of the jobs lost are gone forever.

This affects the economy; technology again gets a chance to handle the human wants. Robots replace people; smart sensor robots now do their work. In the U.S., over 500 shopping centers use the robot in place of human labor. And millions of existing jobs will be lost in this pandemic. But no doubt that will create new opportunities for the young one.

Technology and gadgets are the two things that continue to develop over time. Sciences will continue to use modern technology and advanced things to make life better and easy. They find the best method to understand and track our inventory. And help to complete the task with physical strength or time consumption.

With the speed by which technology is developing, you can assume that by the year 2030, approximately 20 million manufacturing jobs will be lost. The year-long study on the effects of automation in the workplace and the outlook for the robot revolution found that the ‘future of work’ has arrived early due to COVID-19.

All situations have advantages and disadvantages. Just like that robot will replace some jobs, but at the same time, it will create new opportunities for skilled workers. Accepting change in life is very important.

By Robots Science

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