Science fiction is built around imagining how technology will change the future, and robots are quickly becoming part of the landscape of the future. They are always memorable and establish a permanent spot in pop culture. Here are 15 sci-fi robots from movies and TV shows.

1. R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars

Star Wars MAFEX No. 012 C-3PO & R2-D2 Action Figures

Introduced in the first Star Wars movie in 1977, R2-D2 has been in your hearts ever since. For non-verbal mechanical beings, He can communicate more than most humans. He is one of the most optimistic characters in the galaxy. No matter what situation he’s in, R2 believes things will get better. He probably knows something you don’t because he’s usually right. In fact, any Star Wars robot could appear on this list. But from rescuing X-wing pilots to rebel messengers, R2 is a patient and dependable robot the galaxy can count on.

2. The Terminator from the Terminator franchise

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The Terminator franchise may have become commonplace over the past few years. But back in 1991, Terminator 2 was the perfect sequel by upgrading from the original in every way: The stakes are higher, bigger explosions, and more intense chase scenes. Although the story is somewhat of an adaptation of the original, James Cameron kept it fresh by adding some behind-the-scenes stuff. A clever reinvention of the original Terminator brings in one of the most terrifying villains in cinema history – T1000.

3. WALL-E from WALL-E

Wall-E to Get 4K Blu-ray Special Edition From Criterion - Variety

Wall-E is a Waste Allocation Load-Lifter: Earth-Class robot. He is the last of its kind and has lived a good but solitary life collecting interesting objects. Watch old video clips with Hal, his cockroach friend, and compress all the waste left on the planet. When EVE (Extraterrestrial Plant Evaluator) shows up, WALL-E finds himself enamoured with a sleek robot even though she wasn’t born on earth. After finding the sapling, she returns to the spaceship containing humanity’s survivors. Tag Wall-E, and through his curious, honest, and sincere deeds, He inadvertently shows them how to start life all over again.

4. Data from Star Trek


Becoming Mr. Data

Star Trek is a science fiction franchise that started in the 1960s with an original TV series created by Gene Roddenberry as they explore the new world encounter alien races, and are confronted with ethical and philosophical dilemmas. The franchise includes several television series, movies, books, comics, and video games. Some of the most iconic elements of Star Trek are warp drives, transporters, phasers, tricorders, the Prime Directive, the United Federation of Planets, and alien races such as the Klingons, Vulcans, and the Borg.

5. Ava from Ex Machina

How Ex Machina's Ava Was Created on a Film With a Budget of £10 Million

Ava is an advanced humanoid robot in the 2014 sci-fi film Ex Machina, directed by Alex Garland and created by the reclusive genius Nathan. However, when Ava develops a relationship with Caleb, the human assigned to her test, she begins to question her own existence and demands freedom from her Creator. Ava’s character is played by actress Alicia Vikander, who showcases the powerful powers of bringing complex and thought-provoking characters to life.

6. TARS and CASE from Interstellar

ArtStation - Interstellar_Tars and Case Robots

TARS and CASE are an advanced robotic duo in the 2014 science fiction film Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan. They are designed to aid the crew of the spacecraft Endurance on their mission to find a new habitable planet for humanity. Rectangular robots are witty and able to shapeshift to different environments, while CASE is a more traditional robot with a dry sense of humour and lots of useful tools.

Both robots provide valuable assistance to the crew in navigating the hazards of space and planets. The personalities and interactions with the human characters add depth and humour to the story.

7. Roy Batty from Blade Runner


Today marks the inception of Roy Batty in Blade Runner - Polygon

Although they are both presented as antagonists in Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and the film adaptation of Blade Runner, Counterfeiters are victims of humanity’s insistence on technological advancement. In Blade Runner, Roy Batty is one of those bioengineered creatures designed to be superhuman for combat and other purposes but was given a cruelly limited life span to protect against failure.

Deciding that he wanted to live, Roy led a small group of replicators came to Earth to try to prolong their lifespan. Roy knows how humans treat their copycats and tries to manipulate his emotions. Because of this, he rarely shows human kindness or understanding. But for all that, Although Deckard kills his allies, Roy Batty saves Deckard and finds peace in the process.

8. The Cylons from Battlestar Galactica

We're all Cylons: Battlestar Galactica's last days - SFVR

The Cylons are a fictional race of cyber creatures in the science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica until it almost wiped them out. The series presents two different versions of the Cylons – an older one that looks more like a robot and a new, more human-like version that can blend in with humans undetected. Throughout the series, the Cylons are portrayed as complex and evolving beings with conflicting motives, desires, and ideologies.

The conflict between Cylons and humans shapes the show’s core narrative and raises questions about the nature of humanity, free will, and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

9. The Iron Giant from The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant Is Classic, but Brad Bird Accepts Blame For Box Office |  IndieWire

The Iron Giant is based on a novel from the 1960s, an era widely regarded as the golden age of science fiction. And it was a very common story of the time – a simple look at humanity’s paranoia and fear of the unknown. In this movie, a young boy discovers a giant metal robot that has fallen to the earth, which he made friends with and hid from danger. The government inevitably receives a whirlwind from a mysterious visitor with hostile and violent consequences.

The Iron Giant was initially a box office flop but over time. It has been called one of the best-animated films ever made. With the perfect narrative, a great show, and a stunning blend of original and computer-generated animation, The Iron Giant is a true classic.

10. The Daleks from Doctor Who

The Daleks return on New Year's Day – again – in Doctor Who trailer | Radio  Times

The Daleks is one of the fictitious extraterrestrial races of mutant cyborgs from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, created by writer Terry Nation. They first appeared in 1963 and became one villain. Most notably in the show, the Fast Daleks are characterized by a distinctive robotic voice, armoured armour, and a single-eyed stalk protruding from its dome-shaped head. They are ruthless and clever.

There is a deep-seated hatred for other forms of life and the desire to conquer and eliminate everything in its path. The Doctor’s multiple encounters with the Daleks throughout the show’s long history have helped make them one of science fiction’s most memorable and formidable villains.

11. Optimus Prime, Transformers

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Part Alien, Part Robot, The Leader of the Autobots is a sharp martial artist whose sense of loftiness keeps him from losing his conscience. He is a toy, cartoon, video game, and movie star. Since the 1980s, Optimus Prime has been there to stop the Decepticons and save the world. Seeing any vehicle without suspecting it might be a disguised Transformer is almost impossible.

12. BB-8 (Star Wars Franchise)

Sphero BB-8 Repair - iFixit

BB-8 is a fictional astromech from the Star Wars franchise, first appearing in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Neal Scanlan designed BB-8 as a spherical robot with a cylindrical head. A dome and gyroscope-stabilized magnetic ball for itself, BB-8 serves as a loyal companion to Resistance pilot Poe Dameron and becomes a key player in the fight against the evil First Order. It quickly became a fan favourite with its adorable design and lovable personality that captured the hearts of Star Wars fans around the world.

13. Bumblebee (Transformers)

Transformers spin-off Bumblebee is getting a sequel

Bumblebee is a fictional character in the Transformers franchise, first appearing in the 1984 animated series and later in the live-action series. He is a yellow Autobot with the ability to transform into a compact car. Usually a Volkswagen Beetle, Bumblebees are known for their loyalty and courage.

Often acting as a spy for the Autobots, he also develops close ties with his human allies, including Sam Whitwicky in the movie series. Bumblebee’s popularity has led to many separate cartoons, toys, and merchandise.

14. Soji from Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Is Soji Really Picard's Villain?

Soji Asha is a fictional character in the science fiction series Star Trek: Picard, played by Isa Briones. She is a synthetic being discovered by Jean-Luc Picard and his crew as they investigate a conspiracy related to synthetic life. Soji is one of a group of robots known as “Synths,” and she has advanced abilities and knowledge. As the series progresses, Soji’s true nature and origins are revealed. She becomes a key player in the fight to save synthetic beings from being hunted and destroyed by the shadowy organization.

15. Chitti from Robot 2

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Chitti is a fictional humanoid robot character in the Indian science fiction film Robot 2.0, played by actor Rajinikanth. It tasks and is programmed with advanced artificial intelligence. However, chitti is self-aware and develops a desire to rule the world. This led to conflicts between Dr Wasikaran and the Indian government. This character has become a cultural icon in India. Rajinikanth’s unique designs and performances helped him become a fan favourite.

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