The era of the new beginning has already started earlier. This time technology will surprise you with many things. One of them is the driverless ship.

A U.K. ocean-research and International Business Machines Corp. together announced this news on September 16 in Plymouth.

The concept of the autonomous ship has been around for decades, but the latest technology acceptability of driverless cars or tiny unmanned delivered aircraft has to lead to design the Mayflower on the wall of the Marine Al lab.

This is true that technology is taking the place of human beings. Nobody likes the fact but advanced technology indeed created unemployment. But, the creator of the autonomous ship insists on convincing that this autonomous ship will not replace humans.

They said that how technology trumps human traits in the workplace? Technology is completely dependent on human commands and is programmed to work effectively for solving problems. What so ever is used for the place that is too risky and is considered to be more expensive.

American workers may feel tempered on the arrival of a crewless ship as artificial technology has changed a full-time job to part-time for many works in other industries. Their communicators at the click of a button have the power to replace humans. For many fields like doctors, technologies have become life in the pandemic period enabling them to be productive while stuck at home. But for many fields, it has created a line of divide.

The benefit of autonomous ship

If we are working on a ship with no sailors that indicate that there is no risk of human life from any dangerous hazards at sea. No extra money is needed to train or guard against the unlicensed crew. The boat can direct it.
Earth is covered with water.

Almost 70% of the earth is covered with water. It’s impossible to go so far as humans need rest, bunks or toilets, get energy by food consumption, flat decks, or bathroom to keep them fresh. And these autonomous ships help in collecting oceanographic data, scientific research, and naval patrols and become a new means for transporting goods.

Imagine you can transport goods without wasting your time and provide the best service to customers with the help of an autonomous ship.

Ships need proper maintenance or control and the person who is dealing with bridge od manned vessel are now resting in their offices.

Some drawbacks:

  • Reduction in the job of seafarer– no doubt that human control is needed for assisting machines but it will reduce some of the jobs in this sector too. This job cut will directly affect the officers that currently supply the workforce.
  • Unknown safety risks– human experience and reactions according to the situation are the points that machines cannot replace.
  • Hijacking control– as machines can be hacked by any person. There is a risk of vulnerability to a computer hacker.

It concludes that autonomous are cheaper and economically friendly.

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