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Math and game fluency practices are never new. In reality, in our younger times, we loved playing games like Number Munchers, which helped us leaning the math tables through individual practice. And now comes the age of 99 Math.

Devices have changed distinctively, and therefore the games. But, games like 99 Math is rapidly becoming one of the favorite games on math fluency since they are being used across devices as long as they stay connected to the Internet.

What is the reason for it? It effectively amalgamates the gamified approaches of Quizziz and Kahhot with the practice of math fluencies. It is an easy-to-use, free, device-friendly game app that helps you learn math. So, how effectively does it work? Today’s post will discuss all the facts and figures of playing this game and enhancing your math fluency.

Overview of 99math

99 math is the platform for social practice, especially for teachers from the grades of 1st to 8th, to help them accelerate the results and save the lesson times. 99 Math is the most interactive website where students can start playing math games either as a class or individually. It is not just for the facts practice on math, as there are over 1,000 math topics you can pick from. You only have to select the grade, and topics will pop up. To get these done, you must land on the site at join.99math.com.

It takes about a minute for the teachers to set up this game while the kids start to join the devices and have a browser. It is what is required for the kids to start progressing and have a lot of fun in the match, as no student accounts are required here. Being the teacher, you will often get the potential insights to help you better understand what requires focus and check out the students’ progress.

99 math today is three years old and has a multiplayer math game the teachers are using across their classrooms around the globe. 99 Math has grown into the gaming platform across a million kids or three times the number they have had the past year after debuting the beta tool in 2019.

The students in 99 math together have resolved over 600 million math problems, with three million each day. It is one of the tricks to get the kids into math as it is to get them competing with one another in their classrooms.

Playing 99 math as a teacher


You can download the app by clicking on 99math join if you did not yet create an account on this platform as a teacher, and it is a free app.
The students get asked to enter the game after they have created an account. They normally create a fake them to keep track of their progress, as they cannot just use their first name or even enter a fake one.

The dashboard is the initial thing you would encounter after signing in and is where you start creating the games. You would always get back here by clicking on the product logo or selecting “Start the game” from the menu item through the navigation bar.

Create a game and start playing with your students

  • Initially, you need to create a game for which you should pick a topic you aim to practice. All these topics are created and verified mainly by the teachers.
  • Every topic has additional options for matching the topic according to the requirement of your students and your curriculum.
  • After landing down on your choices for the topic, it should match your requirement for the students and their curriculum.
  • You can click on show more to generate new leads. These are the tasks that get generated automatically for you so that you do not require time to prepare materials.
  • After you are happy with the selected topic, you can pick the game mode button at the page’s footer to proceed.
  • You should start picking the way you wish to engage with your students

The Game Modes

  • Live game – You can play together in the video call or a classroom, which is a highly engaging experience. You can start your game experience for students by using the 99math student login.
  • Homework – You can even send over the practice assignments. You can use this mode to train your students on their own time and then get them together in the live game.

Both these game modes would leave the control in your hands as the teacher would decide on the tenure of the games for the kids. In this manner, you would know the amount of time required as the live games have three rounds for 30 seconds, and in the homework mode, the kids have to resolve around 50 tasks at their speed.

After you have selected the game mode, you are all prepared to invite your students to the game who can use the 99math enter code.
You can easily send the game code or even the link to your pupils or share your screen with them to show the joining instructions on the screen.

Students can easily use their devices to check out the website at join.99math.com and enter the 99math game code they received after creating this game. The students are asked to enter their name as is the nickname or their first name, or the teacher can start identifying the student. Now the students are all geared up for this game.

The gaming excitement

Students will notice the questions in the devices without worries if everyone can check out the screen or who can reach out from the back of the classrooms. You can check out the excitement on the faces of the kids as they will ask to repeat play the game once more.

You will also get good insights through the game reports. In this report, you can check out the way your students performed and where they made errors, and what their overall skill level is for the class for the specific topic. It is the report which is generated automatically for you, and access to this report is limited to you.

Start playing!

It is noted that around 50% of students have increased their skill levels over two weeks. These games are designed to engage the kids on any maths level since playing with friends would make the math practice more fun-filled, especially with 99 math. The badges, leaderboards, and gamification components get fine-tined for the kids who are eager to advance, and there are no limitations to the number of games created by a teacher.


What grades is 99math for?
99 math is a social practice platform, especially for 1st to 6th-grade teachers who can save the lesson time and speed up results.

How much does 99math cost?
It is a free math game.

How does 99math work?
It is a quiz game testing the skills in math through practice and live games. The teachers will start picking the skills while running the live class games where the students compete with one another. The students can even check out who performed the best and accurately at the end of the three rounds.

Is 99math free?
Yes, it is a free app.

What is the best app to do math?
The following are a few of the best apps to practice math:

  • Mathway
  • Maple Calculator
  • WolframAlpha
  • MyScript Calculator
  • Microsoft Math Solver
  • Desmos Graphing Calculator
  • Cymath – Math Problem Solver

What is the best free math website?
The following are a couple of free math sites for kids:

  • Fun Brain.
  • Math Blaster
  • Multiplication.com
  • Learn Zillion
  • Hooda Math
  • Manga High
  • Math Game Time
  • Math Playground

Which app can solve all maths questions?
Socratic is one of the best Android apps from Google, which you might not have heard of earlier. It aims to cover a few math concepts like geometry, algebra, calculus, and more.

What is the website that has all the math answers?
Wolfram|Alpha has massive knowledge and deeper computational potential when performing math. It involves algebra, arithmetic, differential equations, or anything in between, which is quite a complex process.

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